This course is focused on a specific course of study that is expected to facilitate and enhance the Ordination process. This 30 credit-hours of undergraduate studies (ten classes) program designed to teach the theological and biblical context of ordination for ministers.  

This course will include the study of Articles of Faith. The student will be provided a compressive review and examination of applied approaches and procedures required to successfully perform ordinances in the Christian church.  

 Upon completion this certificate, the graduate will:  

  1. Be able to win the lost to Christ and edify the saints through a well rounded church program;  
  2. Define and defend his/her faith from a conservative, evangelical viewpoint. 
  3. Demonstrate a working knowledge of Bible doctrine. 


Note: The completion of this certificate program does not guarantee ordination! 


LA321 Advance Writing  3  PM432 Church/Personal Finance  3 
PM421 Ordination Preparation I  3  TH201 Systematic Theology Part I  3 
FS105 Personal Evangelism and Christian Living  3  TH104 Bible Doctrine II  3 
PM321 Pastoral Theology  3  SP123 Public Speaking  3 
TH103 Bible Doctrine I   3  PM422 Ordination Preparation II  3 
Total  15  Total  15 

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