Fall 2019 Course Offerings

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HI222 – World Civilization I

A survey of the political, social, economic and cultural history of the world up to 1588, the defeat of the Spanish Armada.
  • Starts From September 3, 2019

PM322 – Elementary New Testament G

An introductory course designed to acquaint the student with the essentials of Koine Greek grammar with emphasis upon vocabulary, the force of the tenses, and the meaning of each case idea. Prerequisite: LA101 English Composition I LA102 English Composition II
  • Starts From September 4, 2019

BI101 – Old Testament Survey

A synthetic study of all the Old Testament books. The development of the central theme, general contents, purpose, and historical setting of each book will be examined. This course will provide the necessary foundation upon which all upper level Old…
  • Starts From September 4, 2019

TH202 – Systematic Theology III

The study of sin - its permissions, origin, nature, imputed sin, personal sins, and consequences. Sin's remedy is found in salvation, which is studied under its description - grace, election, redemption, propitiation, reconciliation, justification, sanctification, security, repentance and faith.
  • Starts From September 4, 2019

LA321 – Advanced Writing

Includes principles of rhetoric, ancient and modern, with experience in writing reports, abstracts and academic papers resulting from research.
  • Starts From September 4, 2019
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