Fall 2019 Course Offerings

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LA010 – English Fundamentals

A course designed for the student whose skills are not sufficient to begin a college-level course in English. This course carries 3 semester hours credit as far as course load and financial purposes are concerned, but it does not count…
  • Starts From September 4, 2019

TH101 – Systematic Theology I

An introduction to the nature and source of Theology; inspiration and verification of the Scriptures; the doctrine of God, His existence and attributes, His work in predestination, preservation and providence; and the doctrine of Christ, His preexistence, incarnation, humanity, death…
  • Starts From September 5, 2019

BA331 – Personnel Mgmt. /Supervisi

A review of personnel administration functions in American business and industry will be given. Techniques of manpower planning, recruiting, selecting, developing, compensation and appraising will be reviewed. A discussion of automation, scientific management and unionism will be held.
  • Starts From September 5, 2019

TH103 – Bible Doctrine I

A survey and examination of the key areas and issues pertaining to the doctrines of Bibliology, Theology proper, Christology, Pneumatology and Anthropology.
  • Starts From September 5, 2019

EM331 – Leadership Administration

A course designed to help the student understand the church as an organism and as an organization. Special emphasis is placed on church revitalization, leadership development, organizational change, conflict management, and time and stress management.
  • Starts From September 5, 2019
Maple Springs Baptist Bible College and Seminary