Fall 2019 Course Offerings

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PM421 – Ordination Preparation Sem

A study of the pastor's role in the local church. The student develops a Biblical philosophy of ministry and discovers the Biblical qualifications and responsibilities of the pastor.
  • Starts From September 5, 2019

SP123 – Public Speaking

A study of effective speaking to an audience, platform poise and clearance of expression. Emphasis is on informative or expository oral communication.
  • Starts From September 5, 2019

BA334 -Business Law & Church Law

A review will be made of the relevant aspects of the Uniform Commercial Code as related to Contract Law.  Additionally, relevant aspects of the Internal Revenue Code will be studied with special emphasis on the church and its officers.  Tax…
  • Starts From September 5, 2019

MA221 – General College Mathematic

A course designed to provide the student with insight into basic mathematical  processes.  Topics of general mathematics, pre-algebra and others are covered.
  • Starts From September 6, 2019

BI301 – The Pentateuch

A study of each of the first five books of the Old Testament with especially careful attention to Genesis 1-11, the lives of the Patriarchs, the Exodus, and sacrificial system.
  • Starts From September 6, 2019
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