Summer 2019 Course Offerings

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TH203 Systematic Theology IV

The study of the church - its origin, organism as the Body of Christ, organization, ordinances, and work; the study of angels includes their nature and ministry with and examination of Satan, fallen angels, and demons; and an intensive study…
  • Starts From June 10, 2019

TH202 Systematic Theology III

The study of sin - its permissions, origin, nature, imputed sin, personal sins, and consequences. Sin's remedy is found in salvation, which is studied under its description - grace, election, redemption, propitiation, reconciliation, justification, sanctification, security, repentance and faith.
  • Starts From June 10, 2019

TH102 Systematic Theology II

The study of the Holy Spirit, His personality and deity, is undertaken with particular attention to His indwelling, baptizing, filling and spiritual gifts ministries in the believer. Also the study of man includes his origin, nature and fall.
  • Starts From June 10, 2019

TH101 Systematic Theology I

An introduction to the nature and source of Theology; inspiration and verification of the Scriptures; the doctrine of God, His existence and attributes, His work in predestination, preservation and providence; and the doctrine of Christ, His preexistence, incarnation, humanity, death…
  • Starts From June 10, 2019

BI404 Revelation

The content of the Apocalypse is studied with its disclosure of those great events bringing history to its consummation. Prerequisites: BI101 Old Testament Survey BI102 New Testament Survey BI400 Prophetic Books
  • Starts From June 10, 2019
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