Fall 2019 Course Offerings

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PM321 – Pastoral Theology

A study of the pastor's role in the local church. The student develops a Biblical philosophy of ministry and discovers the Biblical qualifications and responsibilities of the pastor.
  • Starts From September 9, 2019

CO236 – Biblical Counseling

A course which lays the foundation for Christian counseling. Criteria for success based on biblical precepts are covered. Humanistic views are examined as well as the positions of contemporary Christian psychologists.
  • Starts From September 9, 2019

PM343 – Homiletics I

A study of the nature and development of the sermon. Practice is given in preparation and writing of expository sermons. Prerequisites: SP123 Public Speaking FS101 Principles of Biblical Interpretation I FS102 Principles of Biblical Interpretation II
  • Starts From September 9, 2019

EM221 – Principles of Teaching

This course is designed to help Christian teachers channel the truths they present so the purposes of God are fulfilled and the needs of the students are met. This course includes information on: the spiritual life of a Christian teacher;…
  • Starts From September 3, 2019

BI402 – Prophetic Books

A survey of the background, occasion and content of the Old Testament Prophetic Books (Isaiah through Malachi). Some consideration is given to prophetic eschatology and the use of OT prophecy in the New Testament.
  • Starts From September 3, 2019
Maple Springs Baptist Bible College and Seminary