Purposes of the Program.  Adaptability is a key feature of the Certificate in Biblical Studies, which provides a flexible, short (one-year) program which can be tailored to individuals with varying objectives in their seminary studies.  The program can be adapted to meet the needs of: (a) those preparing for missionary service and whose mission board requires formal biblical and theological training; (b) the Christian layperson who desires one year of seminary studies to equip him or her to be a more effective witness and leader in the church; (c) those who need a “trial year” in seminary to define more clearly their gifts and goals, and who may eventually wish to complete a masters-level degree program; and (d) the Christian worker who has only limited time available to pursue graduate level theological studies.  

The Certificate is not appropriate for those who hold an undergraduate degree in Bible or its equivalent, nor for those who intend to enter professional ministry.  These individuals are encouraged instead to apply for admission into the Master of Divinity. 

The required 30 semester hours of course work can be completed in one year. 

Admission Requirements.  The one-year Certificate program is primarily designed for graduates of North American colleges and universities.  Persons seeking admission to the program are required to apply for admission to the Seminary. 

Completion Requirements.  To receive the Certificate of Biblical Studies, students are expected to meet the following requirements:  

  1. Complete a minimum of thirty semester hours in residence at MSBBC&S, with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale). 
  2. Complete all specific courses and distribution requirements for the Certificate in Biblical Studies program as outlined below. 
  3. Complete all requirements for the Certificate within five years from time of matriculation or within two years of the completion of resident course work.

Students in the Certificate program who decide to seek admission to a degree program of the Seminary will need to submit an application for change of program, as well as any other materials requested by the Office of the Director of Records and Admissions.   

Program of Study.  To provide graduate level biblical and theological training, while structuring a program of studies which could readily lead into a master’s degree program, a flexible curriculum has been designed for the Certificate of Biblical Studies. 

Upon completion this certificate, the graduate will: 

  1. Be able to win the lost to Christ and edify the saints through a well rounded church program;  
  2. Define and defend his/her faith from a conservative, evangelical viewpoint. 
  3. Demonstrate a working knowledge of Bible doctrine. 


OT501 Old Testament I  3  OT502 Old Testament II  3 
CE501 Evangelism/Missions/ Christian Living   3  CE503 Principles of Teaching  3 
NT503 New Testament I  3  CO514 Biblical Counseling  3 
TH501 Basic Theology I  3  NT504 New Testament II  3 
CE502 Hermeneutics   3  TH502 Basic Theology II  3 
Total  15  Total  15 


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