Purposes of the Program.  The program leading to the Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies is designed to give men and women a biblical and theological foundation for various kinds of Christian service other than pulpit ministry.  The program does not provide for thorough pastoral training and is not designed as an abbreviated period of study leading to the pastorate.  Persons served by this degree program include those who are or plan to become counselors, evangelists, workers in parachurch agencies, teachers in Christian educational institutions, lay leaders in local churches, and others.  The Maple Springs Baptist Bible College and Seminary does not consider the MABS to be a terminal degree designed to prepare students for doctoral studies at the Seminary.  Course Requirements.  Students who meet the prerequisites are required to complete thirty-two semester hours of course work.  Students who do not meet prerequisites are required to complete sixty-six semester hours.   Those students without the prerequisite hours of Bible, Theology, and NT Greek must begin their studies with the prerequisite courses.  Eighteen of the thirty semester hours must be in area of concentration, six in theology, three in Bible history & archaeology, three in the teaching process, and three in communication skills.  No thesis or research project is required.  Transfer of Credit.  Transfer of some credits is allowed toward the MA degree in Biblical Studies from other accredited graduate theological schools.  No more than six hours of credit may be transferred into the thirty-semester hour curriculum.  However, additional credit may be transferred into the sixty-six-hour curriculum (All transfer credits must be from an accredited institution). See advisor for further information.  The student completing requirements in Master of Arts in Biblical Studies program will be able to: 
  1. demonstrate a general knowledge of the Bible, including a synthetic understanding of the major books. 
  2. evidence a general knowledge of theology. 
  3. evidence an ability to biblically and theologically support their views on a specific contemporary issue. 
  4. evidence an increasing likeness to Christ as manifested in love for God, love for others, and the fruit of the Spirit.  
  5. evidence an interest and involvement in the local church or other ministries with which they are associated. 
  First Year 
NT501  Elementary N.T. Greek I or Psychology Elective  3  NT502  Elementary N.T. Greek II or Psychology Elective  3 
OT501 Old Testament I  3  OT502 Old Testament II  3 
CE501  Evangelism/Missions/ Christian Living  3  CO514  Biblical Counseling  3 
NT503  New Testament I  3  CE503  Principles of Teaching  3 
TH501  Basic Theology I  3  NT504  New Testament II  3 
CE502  Hermeneutics  3  TH502  Basic Theology II  3 
FE501 Field Education I  0  FE502  Field Education II  0 
Total  18  Total  18 
  Second Year 
HI601  Bible History & Archaeology  3  Area Requirement  3 
Elective  3  Elective  3 
Elective  3  Elective  3 
CE603  Christian Ethics/ Church Finance    3  TH602    Apologetics /Elective                             3 
TH601  Premillennialism & Dispensationalism  3  LA601 Christian Writing & Research  3 
CE615  Master of Arts Reading I  1  CE616    Master of Arts Reading II                       1 
FE601  Field Education III  0  FE602 Field Education IV                                0 
Total  16  Total  16